The case for artisanal writing

Together with reading, writing is one of the basic skills of an educated society.  Anyone reading this page can certainly write, so why hire The Professional Wordsmith for your business writing?  For the same reason one might go to a restaurant, rather than cook: the result depends on neither your time nor your talents, and taxes not your energy.

Once one’s appetite is whetted for the cooking of another, the choices must be narrowed by type and quality of food.  So to is it important to choose business writing style that fits your needs.  Writing has artistic and functional aspects; some copy is beautiful, and some very practical.

There’s also writing which isn’t particularly beautiful or functional.

Artists and artisans

An artisan is a person skilled in an applied art, that is, a craftsperson.  Artisanal foods are crafted by skilled chefs for your pleasure.  A carpenter whose furniture arrestingly beautiful, but is also well-built and useful, is certainly an artisan.  An artisan has the skill of an artist, applying them within the limits of practical needs.

When I tell people that I am a writer, I’m often asked what I’ve written.  That’s a question better suited to an artist, who signs his or her work whether it’s a novel, an oil painting, or a musical.  I don’t put my name on my artisanal writing, because I’ve been hired to provide something functional yet beautiful. Signatures belong on art, and what I do is craft.

Artisanal writing is best suited for business

My name is Terence P Ward, and I’m The Professional Wordsmith.  I’ve been crafting custom copy for businesses since 2001.  Because I love to put words together, I can’t bring myself to make a living by copying and pasting boilerplate templates, replacing a few words to “customize” the piece.  I pride myself on learning by interviewing, capturing the voice of a business, and creating written materials which are uniquely crafted for them.

My writing is a business, rather than being an art, or a hobby.  I admire the poet and the novelist, but I prefer to craft words around very tangible concepts, such profit and loss, or supply and demand.  Whenever I encounter a new business, I want to learn about its unique selling proposition and ideal client profile.

Artisanal writing, my writing, comes from my need to ply my craft, and my passion for business.  Although I have written perhaps hundreds of thousands of words about and for business, I have never tired of the challenge of understanding how to communicate a complex process in words that are clear, concise, and credible.

Clear, elegantly-crafted language.  That’s artisanal writing, and that’s perfect for business.

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